Officeway is part of the Office National Group, which is in the top three Australian suppliers of office products to businesses.

Officeway is also 100% Australian owned, each Office National service centre is an independent, local operator who supply their local businesses with the kind of intimate service that only small businesses can.

In a dynamic and competitive industry Office National has thrived to become market leaders in just three years. The reason is our ability to embrace new technologies and systems while still maintaining a superior level of intimate, home grown customer service.

What we did…

We originally assisted Officeway with an issue on the shop area of their WordPress website.
We were able to correct the issue within one day, and then took on a project to modernise the look of the whole website.

The original Officeway Website had bold colours – but it was time for change.
The website also had an excess of add-ons, which meant updates had a potential to cause more problems for the site.

We Rebuilt the website, keeping all the page content and product functionality, and removing the risks the Website Template and some of the Website Addons posed.


The rebuilt website is using WordPress, and includes the WooCommerce plugin for the online shop.
The website template is mobile-optimised using the latest Foundation 6 framework.
The Home Page Slider, was optimised for mobile devices also.
All the old products, and pages were copied across, and an updated Remote Backup Strategy was put in place.
The original URL’s were maintained, and where necessary URL Redirects were put in place.

So how did the old site look??

Visit the updated Officeway site…

Click Here – you might even find a nice office chair to buy.