Maintaining websites is tedious and technical so let us do it for you.

Have ‘peace of mind’ we treat your site as if it was our own.

Staying on top of the latest updates and security warnings is a job for a professional. We can help.
Whether you want us to be your Website Team, or assist you with website maintenance via an affordable monthly or pay-as-you-go plan – we can assist you.


WordPress and General Website

Keeping WordPress and Plugins updated ensures you have all security updates, performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features.
Not updating WordPress exposes you to security concerns.

WordPress Core Updates

Minor and Security Updates of WordPress occur automatically. They tend to occur every 4-6 weeks.
Major Feature Releases occur 5 or 6 months apart.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Often Plugin Updates coincide with Core Updates. Bug fixes, and other improvements can occur at random times, based on changes made by the plugin author(s).

Broken Link Check

Links to other Pages, Images, Documents, and Missing Files can slow down your website, and affect the ability for search engines to crawl across your site.

Checks through WordPress Admin

Cleanup Spam Comments, Check Trashed Items, Review Post Revisions. Keeping these items at a manageable level reduces database load, increases in spam comments can indicate other issues (ie, hacking attempts).

Website Backups

Backups are crucial when ‘everything goes wrong’. Having multiple versions of website backups and of your database ensures your website can be restored promptly.
Restoring from a backup would be a last resort, in the case a critical incident occurs.

Backup Monitoring

Ensure all scheduled backups are completing as scheduled, copied/stored on Remote Storage, and review log files.

Backup Evaluation and Check

Perform a check of your backup file, to ensure the full backup process is completing properly.
This is a premium service which we would recommend doing quarterly or half yearly. Restore your complete backup on a development server, and checking the integrity of the files being backed up.

Website Monitoring

Checking your website remains online, and monitoring Hosting Space Usage ensures you don’t miss a website visitor and that they don’t have a slow website experience.
We can monitor your site, and know within minutes if it is offline.

Hosting Space Checking

Your host already alerts you when your web space prevents their full hosting backup, at around 50% of your space allowance.
Keeping track of space and monitoring it, may highlight issues over time.

Email Space Checking

If you run out of space in a mailbox, emails will be rejected by the server (for that user). Monitoring this over time allows corrective actions to be taken.
Keeping track of the ‘catch-all’ mailbox, will also alert you to people using incorrect addresses to contact you, and ensures you dont miss important messages.

Error Log Checking

Often hosting issues go unseen as they get logged for informational purposes. Correcting the issues, will keep your site running more smoothly.

Uptime Monitoring

We receive notification if you site goes offline, for what ever reason. We will do a quick analysis, and try and quickly resolve the issue.

Google Optimisation Checks

Google offers numerous tools which help maintain a Google-friendly website, and which can give an indication something is occurring which is affecting your search engine ranking. Keeping track of these items, and correcting issues/errors will ensure the best chance of high ranking.

Tracking of your Google Statistics

External Links to your site, Clicks from Google to your site, impressions on Search Engine Results Pages, Average Click Through Rates for your pages.

Google Crawl Errors

Problems that Google may have looking at pages of your website.

Problems in your Website Sitemap

A Sitemap is used by search engines to know where each web page is, it is a menu of your site with other technical info.
Errors with this found by Google, can indicate internal website problems.

SEO Checks and Maintenance

The task of SEO Optimising is one that you will find is never done. It is not a race to the first page of Google, and then the race is over; once you reach the first page you must continue efforts to remain there; a task with no defined end-date.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is everything you can do on your web pages to improve web page rankings, and a web visitors experience.
Maintaining well formatted page titles, optimising image tags, making things easy to see and find, are all important factors.

Off-Page SEO

This involves your Brand, it’s Reputation, Social Media presence, interaction on Forums and Message Boards – it is how your are seen online at the places where people may choose to then visit your website.


Each month we will provide a report summarising what went on.
The report will include a single summary page of all task areas and an overall ‘health’ rating, subsequent pages with details of tasks completed and unexpected issues found.

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